Do you still drink water before going to bed at night? See what happens when u do that



Water is the base of creation.

71 percent of the atmosphere of the Planet consist of water and an incredible 60 percent of the adult human body is H2O.
Human die without it. Water supplies power to the mind, supplies oxygen through the body, regulates temperature, flushes waste and also help in the lubrication of joints.

Given the importance of this vital fluid, one would wonder about drinking lots of water before bed, more importantly if you have forgotten your daily dose of H2O all day long.

Could stagger you with the answer. Although there might be a time and place to gulp liquid down, it may not be one of them right before going to sleep.


When people sleep, they may lose about 1 to 1⁄2 pounds of water. That’s why measuring yourself in the morning is usually a good idea owing to the fact that you want the lowest number on the scale! Breathing, coughing, and even waking up in the middle of the night to urinate all lead to a lack of blood.

The problem comes up when you drink too much H2O, especially right in front of the bed. It could quickly relate to the need to get up to use the toilet, and sleep disturbance will wreak havoc on one’s safety.

As people age they may also suffer from conditions that make it more likely that they have to get up to the bathroom.

The overactive bladder, arthritis, and even certain drugs will all make us need to use the bathroom at night.

Due to the foregoing, your last glass of H2O may be best consumed at least three hours before bedtime.

I want to talk about drinking water now before going to bed in the evening. Let’s see what happens to our body every time we drink water before we retire to bed.

Some people might claim that the only time you can drink water is in the morning and during the day, but that’s a wrong impression, because you can take water in the evening before you sleep off. Water is a natural liquid which contains no chemicals, or is not processed. And drinking it at night before going to bed is good and not bad, because while you are asleep, water does the following to your body:

1. Above all, it lets you relax and relieve the stress and tiredness of Days

2. It helps digest the food you consume before going to bed, and it also avoids constipation

3. It strengthens the immune system and keeps it safe so you can fight poisonous and harmful bacteria

4. Water helps remove debris from the reins and avoids strokes

5 Also, when you have a mild headache at night due to day stress, you don’t hurry to take drugs immediately, just drink enough water and put your head on the pillow, and before you know it, it helps to relieve you from headache.

6. The intake of ample fluids before bedtime is also used to better regulate blood pressure. When the blood pressure is elevated it will drop.

7. Ultimately it helps to flush out toxic compounds or toxins from the body by releasing urine.

This is to remind you that drinking water is not harmful to you at night before you go to bed, but to maintain a healthy lifestyle is recommended to do it regularly.

Everyone is different but adults need 64 ounces of water per day in general. This equates to eight H2O glasses with an eight-ounce cup size. This is equivalent to just under 2 liters, and you can buy plenty of liter sized bottles to help you stay on track.

Source; opera news

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