Do you still drink cold water? See the effect it has on your body



Drinking water is generally considered to be good for our health.

But have you ever thought about the effects of taking in cold?

Drinking cold water has both positive and negative effects.

A high number people think cold water is not good for the health, others think it is ideal to drink cold water on a sunny day to help calm the body temperature.

Studies have highlighted the positive and negative effects of cold water in the body.


Hence, cold water could be taken when one is sure it is suitable for the body.

Provided below are some of the positive and negative effects of cold water.

Positive Effects of Cold Drinking Water on The Body.

1. It helps the body from overheating during exercise: Drinking cold water helps for a successful workout.

During exercise, one may feel very thirsty and also sweating profusely.

Drinking cold water helps to calm the body temperature. Also, a man performing an enormous job and sweating profusely will really want a cold drinking water.

2. It gives more energy: Studies have shown that drinking water regardless of the temperature helps to give more energy to the body throughout the day. So, cold water as well as hot water is good for drinking since it adds more energy to the body.

Negative Effects of Cold Drinking water on the body.

1. It can worsen some health condition: Taking cold water can worsen some health conditions such as cold, catarrh and flu. If a person has cold, catarrh or flu and still drinks cold water then, the health condition of such person is going to worsen because cold water when taken makes the nasal mucous thicker thereby, making it difficult to pass through the nose. People suffering from cold, catarrh and flu are often advised to stay away from cold drinking water because it worsens the health condition of such person.

2. It worsens achalasia: Achalasia is a health condition that limits the body’s ability to pass food through the oesophagus to the stomach. Drinking cold water while eating worsens this health condition.

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