do you see saliva on your lips and pillow when you wake up? You have a big problem



If you always wake up from sleep and realise saliva on the pillow constantly, you should give a serious attention to that, because in this case you have salivary gonorrhea, many times the body gives you signs and indications in order for you to notice that you have a problem, but the appearance of this problem repeatedly indicates a serious condition.

Therefore let’s study gonorrhea, what it is, what are its causes and symptoms, and how can it be treated and eliminated.

Saliva from a medical perspective is a liquid found in the mouth consisting of 90% water, 3% of minerals and enzymes, and there are so many functions and benefits of saliva, the most important of which is cleaning the mouth and preventing the accumulation of food residues, in addition to moisturizing the mouth and protecting it from dehydration, and that saliva fights the formation of germs and fungi, and works On bad breath, knowing that two liters of saliva are excreted daily through the salivary glands located under the mouth and cheeks, but when you do more, you will see the drooling of the saliva, and you will notice that it comes out of your mouth unintentionally.

Salivation is a lack of keeping the player inside the mouth, and it comes out of the mouth involuntarily, as saliva flows during speech, and while chewing food and sleeping at night, the main reason may be the increased secretion of salivary glands to this fluid, there is a group of causes and factors that lead to salivation , Which we must pay attention to prevent the seriousness of these diseases.

Neurological disorders


You may have difficulty controlling saliva. If you suffer from a neurological disorder, there may be facial paralysis, Alzheimer’s disease, autism, nervous sclerosis or multiple sclerosis or stroke, all of which lead to weakness in the facial muscle, and lead to To drooling.

Allergy or intoxication:

Excessive salivation production may occur due to allergic rhinitis, food allergy, and pesticide poisoning; These are conditions that often lead to excessive salivation, and in some cases severe allergies or intoxication threaten your life; So you should immediately contact your doctor for help.


It causes difficulty swallowing and breathing, which in turn leads to salivation during sleep, and the condition gets worse when you have a severe cold, which causes you to breathe through the mouth, due to the stuffy nose, which causes the saliva to be run in large quantities.

Also, some diseases, such as pancreas, kidney failure, or Parkinson’s disease, all cause significant salivation from the mouth, in other cases the cause is a birth defect in the mouth, you may have a birth defect in the mouth or tongue that has a large size, and teeth are narrow , Or enlarged lymph nodes, causes salivation.


The gums and glands in the back of the throat when they become inflamed lead to tonsillitis, which is one of the common causes of drooling during sleep, and you may experience drooling during sleep due to a sore throat as well. Gums, teeth, and a host of other causes that face dental health can increase saliva production.

Taking some medications:

There are side effects of some specific medications that cause excessive salivation, such as neuritis, depression, morphine, and others. Pregnancy also helps in the process of salivation, eating acidic foods in a lot, that leads to salivation too, and a lack of some vitamins in the body that causes the process of breathing to stop during sleep temporarily.

And finally, sleeping on one side continuously, when you sleep on one side, this pushes you to open your mouth throughout the sleep, and saliva is flowing rather than going down .. These were the most common causes of drooling during sleep, and to overcome this problem, it is important to determine the underlying cause Behind it, you can try the following tips:

First: Try to breathe from the nose, not the mouth, during sleep.

Second: Do some exercises for the jaw, allocated to the muscles of the jaw, in order to strengthen it.

Third: Taking a hot bath before bed. Hot bath helps open the airways, and it helps you breathe from the nose instead of the mouth.

Fourth: The face can be massaged with lavender oil, and this helps relieve runny saliva during sleep.

Fifth: The head support, as the vertical position prevents the mouth from running.

Sixth: Not eating fast, chewing slowly and not eating spicy foods when sleeping.

Seventh: lose weight if you are overweight, because being overweight leads to difficulty breathing.

Eighth: Drinking hot drinks before bed, such as Tea, helps to relax the nerves and sleep quietly.

In the end, if the matter is more than that, it is advised to visit a doctor to find out the reason behind the drooling of the saliva, prescribe the appropriate treatment, and find the source of information here;

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