Do you know why President’s official cars are always black? Check out the reasons

There are uncountable numbers of things we see every day which we simply do not know why they are the way they are.

For example, many people don’t have knowledge on why the queen of England is always wearing hand gloves and why she always collect things from people with her left hand.

There are reasons behind those dispositions but that will be a story for another day.

The big question today is, do you know why the official cars of The President, ministers, and many other political office holders are always black in color?

Last time, I saw President Akuffo Addo’s convoy.

Knowing the fact that Ghana national color are red, gold and green, one would have expected the president to drive around in a green or gold colored car but to the unnoticed amazement of many, all cars among the president’s convoy wete black.

Though the red,green and gold color would have been a perfect match, we need to understand that the black-coloured vehicles was not a mistake; on many occasions every car that carries the president and ministers including those in their motorcade must be black and this is why.

In color psychology and interpretation, the color black signifies power, dignity, and formality. Black also represents strength and authority hence, making the color a perfect symbol that distinguishes the arrival of powerful political leaders, most especially the President from other ordinary individuals.

This explains the reason why all the cars in the convoy of the president are all always black so that whenever you see a long line of vehicles and they are all black you don’t need to be told that a powerful political leader has just arrived.

The President might change different brands of cars but one thing he will never change is the black color of the cars. However, some people might want to ask that if the black color choice of cars symbolizes power why then is the president not flying in a black-colored aircraft?

The truth is I can only speak for the motorcade, for now, I don’t have any authentic information regarding the color choice for presidential aircraft.

But you can help us, if you have anything to say regarding their aircraft’s color, feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.


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