Do you know what masturbation does to your immune system? this message will shock you



Masturbation is disastrous to the body, and most people indulge in it but the fact is that, it does more harm than good as some people may think.

This is what happens to any person who maturbates often.

It weakens the immune system of an individual and also creates constipation which lead to further health issues.

It corrupts the digestive system, it disturbs the functions of the blood, it negatively affects hormones, it weakens the sex organs, and pelvic muscles, it is a disease creator.


It can also cause depression, confusion, lack of motivation, and can make a person unsocial. During masturbation, brain secretes dopamine chemical that makes a person feel good, and thus tempts to do even more, but eventually it affects the body in every way.

Much time spent on it means you will miss on so many other good things that exist in life, because of this addictive artificial activity that can control your brain.

Semen fluid is developed way inside the body and that’s why it doesn’t show any immediate negative effects when ejaculated, but it corrupts the body from way inside.

Eoy other natural happiness of life, instead of sitting alone doing stimulation job, and nothing else.

How do you stop it

1. Meditation

This can help you control your urges by building up mental strength and self discipline.

2. Keep yourself busy

Keeping yourself busy is an effective strategy for some people. Not just busy work but doing something that you love and that is meaningful.

3. Don’t look at attractive girls pictures

This may sound funny but it’s true. Looking at girls or hit boys pictures on social media, or elsewhere increases your testosterone levels which increases your sexual urges. Delete all the pornographic pictures on your phone.

4. Read novels

You will need some new books,imaginative and beautiful novels that will keep you busy.

5. Watch good movies

Watch beautiful love stories, classics, comedy, and so on

6. Meditation on the word of God

This is the best of all, meditating on the word of God keeps you in line with his commandment, and free your mind from evil thing.

Please share this with your friends that are suffering from masturbation.

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