Do you know that egg shells and shea butter can cure piles (kooko) forever? Read and try it



Hi everybody, I am so much excited to be back with another remedy to a popular infection (haemorrhoid) that possess risk to both males and females.

Upon reading your comments most of you guys requested that I teach this remedy which is the reason for this publication.

Are you Soo much disturbed by the growth of piles (a.k.a Kooko) on any part of your body especially around those pubic parts? you know them already, worry not.

Many herbalists are selling many herbal medicines for the same purpose but how many of them have worked for you?

Get an empty egg shell from where the Hen itself has hatched the eggs but do not wash it.


Get a shear butter.

Now get a Charcoal and lit your fire then roast the shell for about (4) minutes.

When the shell has become slightly black grind it on a stone into a powder form.

Mix the powdered shell with the Shea butter and apply it on the piles morning and evening for about two weeks and you will see the magic that follows.

You can equally mix just little amount of the powdered shell with some porridge once a day to bring out the piles in your blood stream.

It’s very effective and rapid just try it, I will tell you next time how egg shells and snail shells can be used to curb stubborn children or spouse at home, separate relationships and so on trust me they work like magic.

Untill then stay good, do not forget to like, share and comment.

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