Do you have stomach ulcer? Never eat these foods



Stomach Ulcer is Soo disturbing and awkward.

I know a few people that experience the ill effects of it.


At the point when I was in optional school, one of my schoolmates once blacked out because of Ulcer.

It is smarter to maintain a strategic distance from Ulcer totally, on the grounds that it is difficult to fix.


Despite the fact that nourishments are not a 100percent reason for stomach ulcer, there are in reality a few nourishments you consume that aggravates ulcer torments, and can likewise defer recuperating of the ulcer you as of now have

It is better you realize the correct food to eat as a ulcer understanding, not all things are useful for your body. The greater part of the food you eat really exacerbates things.

Below are some foods an Ulcer patient should quit eating;

1. Stay away from food that has alot of pepper, much the same as pepper soup, indomie, suya, on the off chance that you need to cook these simply decrease the pepper.

2. Abstain from taking an excess of Milk, it is terrible for ulcers patients. It makes your stomach make acids that would exacerbate ulcer torments.

3. Keep away from Soft drinks(Minerals)

4. Keep away from food that has a lot of fat in it, similar to all these low quality nourishment, since it makes swelling and causes this will to intensify your.

5. Tomatoes likewise contain some corrosive that can compound agony.

6. If you don’t mind as opposed to eating Roasted corn, cook the corn. Simmered corn is difficult to process and it can harm the ulcer lining.

7. Maintain a strategic distance from a lot of pungent food.

8. I realize you love Chocolate, however it can cause indigestion and aggravates ulcer.

9. Beans is the most noticeably terrible, it can intensify the agony and even reason indigestion. Rather than eating porridge beans, simply cook moi.

10. Try not to take espresso, it aggravates the ulcer torment.

11. Maintain a strategic distance from all these Citrus organic products simply like: lemon, lime, oranges, grapes, and even tangerine.

They exacerbate the Ulcer and eases back recuperating.

12. Maintain a strategic distance from Alcohol and Smoking.

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