Do You Have Asthma? Stay Away From These 3 Things Quickly



The disease medically referred to as Asthma may be overlooked as a minor medical condition but can lead to a life-threatening attack on our health.

The cause of this ailment may be as a result of smoking or alcohol intake during pregnancy, cold or respiratory infections.

What exactly is asthma?

Asthma is a medical condition that may cause difficulty in breathing, chest pain, and cough.

Every Asthmatic patient is often found with an inhaler, an instrument that helps to keep the airway open and make breathing very easy.


However, in some children and adults, asthma may be triggered and supported by various things like food allergies, smoke, exercise, or weather.

1. Foods Allergies

Food allergies may shoot up the damaging effects of asthma in some patients, hence be conscious of the foods your body reacts to and stop eating them.

Foods like shrimp, egg, fish, cow milk, and so on.

Processed foods may also support asthma symptoms due to the preservatives used.

2. Smoking

This start “Smokers are liable to die young” is usually found on cigarettes container which indicates how smoking endangers our lung health, though sometimes doctors may prescribe it for a duration of time to some patient (that may not be asthmatic) but taking it after the prescribed duration endanger the lungs.

In asthmatic patients, smoking may shoot up the symptoms of asthma and lead to a faster way of damaging the lung airway.

3. Exercise

It is true that exercise is a good physical activity that can improve lung function and breathing.

Since asthma is associated with breathing, exercise sometimes causes shortness of breath but can also improve breathing over time.

Heavy exercise may narrow airways in the lungs and support symptoms of asthma which could be life-threatening.

However, try to seek a doctor’s advice before you begin any exercise to be sure it is safe.

Meanwhile, if you have been engaging in exercises that cause shortness of breath, reduce it, stop it, or change it.

Thank you very much.

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