Do You Have An Account At These Banks? Then Take This Vital Information

Pease understand that your bank details are highly confidential.

If you have an account at any bank then you need to read this in order to secure your account from fraud and avoid the ‘had I known’ lamentation of the after occurrences.

Now, the amount of internet fraudulent activities are increasing rampantly, more especially with the cases of duping people of their hard earned money.

Be not deceived, you can be duped irrespective of where you choose to carry out you financial stacking (bank).

These fraudsters have different methods of retrieving your information but the rather amusing part is that it is actually you who give it to them.

Yes and I will be giving explanations and also school you on how to prevent and recognise fraudsters.

Firstly, some of us might have in certain periods received phone calls from unknown numbers saying that your account has been blocked and that in other to retrieve it immediately you should call a certain number.

My brother, that is a trap! If you eventually call the number they will request for either your BVN or a special code on your ATM card.

Once you give it to them they will have complete access to your hard earned money.

Secondly, avoid websites that demand for your BVN if they are not government oriented.

Many people do not know the value of BVN,it is as important as your ATM card, once you leek the identities of the digits to anyone,you might as well just have to kiss away your life savings.

Your BVN is very important. Please keep it confidential! Many people fall victim to fraud because they do not know the meaning/importance of the BVN,but today you have gotten an eye opener on how important it is.

Thank you very much for reading.

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