Do you eat guava leaves everyday? If yes expect these 5 things. It’s unbelievable



Do you eat guava leaves everyday? Then be expecting these 5 things

Guava is a wonderful fruit with an oval shape. It has soo many health benefits to the body because of the presence of minerals and other vitamins.

It is highly endowed wirh edible seeds but most cases of appendix operation have been traced to excess consumption of those seeds when not masticated properly.

Guava leaf has different health benefits which most people are not aware of.

This leaf is high in vitamin A and C, potassium, and so on.


The healthy expectation of guava leaves

1. It helps ladies during menstruation problems.

Guava Leave tea is very good for painful menstruation and insufficient menstrual flow.

2. Pain reliever.

Guava leaf also acts as a pain reliever it effective against pain and reduces the rate of infections.

3. Your immunity will be strong and ready to fight any disease.

This leaf help in the body system in the process fight against diseases

4. It will be difficult for you to have an ulcer.

Guava leaf contain methanol extract composed by volatile oil, flavonoids and saponin which help to fight stomach ulcer.

5. It improvises the Eyesight.

High levels of vitamin A means guava leaves can help improve eyesight. They can help decrease the presence of cataracts and macular degeneration, as well as improving the overall health of the eyes.

Source; Opera News

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