Do you belong to this blood Group? Getting a lady pregnant might be difficult

Can your blood type affect your fertility?

A study that aimed at investigating the influence of blood type to fertility revealed that your blood type could influence your chances of getting pregnant. But how?

According to the study conducted by Yale University and Albert Einstein college of medicine, women whose blood group is O are not as fertile as those with blood group A.

The study was able to identify that women with blood group O experience difficulty when getting pregnant due to atrocious egg quality and lower egg count compared to those with other blood groups.

The study also drew conclusion that women with Follicle stimulating hormone levels above ten were likely to encounter stress when trying to conceive because increasing hormones level indicates less eggs in the ovaries.

Women with blood group A had their follicle stimulating hormone levels less than ten. What it means is that their ovaries had enough viable eggs that can be fertilized easily.

Women with blood group A and B are more fertile than those with group O.

According to another study on the influence of blood tyle to men fertility, the findings concluded that men with blood group O were more fertile than all other ABO blood groups.

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Source; Opera News

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