Do this quickly whenever a snake bites you



Snakes are one of the most dangerous, deadly and poisonous living creatures in the world.

When a snake bite you, it’s either you survive or die.

Today I am going to school you on temporary treatment to be given to someone who have been bitten by a snake.

Snakes are very dangerous and poisonous as I said earlier, when a snake bite you it can take less than five minutes for the poison to transport through the blood which you can easily lost your life or cause so many damages to the body.

In the olden days, our forefathers used so many ways for rescuing someone who have been bitten by a snake before taken to medical attention or treatment, and today I am going to share some of those temporary treatment that our forefathers used for treating snake bite.


If a snake bite you, do the following things listed below for temporary treatment before seeking your doctor’s medications.

1. When a snake bite you, quickly use palm nut leaves to tight at least 6 to 9cm away from where the snake bit. This is done to prevent the poison spreading or flowing through your blood or the entire body. Make sure that you can identify the place where the snake bit.

2. Take one onion bulb and divide it into two. Use half of the onion to rubb the place where the snake bit, and chew the rest of the onion to neutralize the poisonous substance in the blood.

3. Stop screaming and sit at one place and make sure that you did not drink water at the meantime, because when you drink water the poison will work fast in the blood and flow through your blood cells.

4. Take in at least two tea spoon of palm oil. After all the precaution measures have been taken, then go to the nearest medical center to seek for further treatment.

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