Do this quickly anytime you get into contact with cobwebs

There has been numerous interpretation regarding getting into contact with cobwebs or spider web.

Some people tend to read spiritual meanings into cobwebs entanglements while others too see it to be something very normal since spiders are almost found everywhere, so getting into cobwebs is no big deal for them.

But the mega question is, what of feeling cobwebs on your face at a place where people pass by every minute and second?

Imagine you walking on the street where so many individuals are also trespassing and at a point in time you felt the presence of cobwebs entangled on your face.

The question you should ask yourself is why didn’t those in front of me on this street encounter this cobweb? It means there is a lot to it.

You may have your own belief, but the truth of the matter is feeling the presence of cobwebs on your face at most places especially in the open should be a great worry to you.

According to most men of God, cobwebs are one demonic tools evil spirits and witches use to get access to a person’s destiny and life.

Research has proven that spiritually, when you experience cobwebs on your face what it means is that there has been a spiritual network that connects your every step to evil spirits, since its a means of tracking all your movements.

Secondly, it could also mean that there has been a big plot to pull you back in life spiritually.

In this case you may do everything possible to succeed in life, but all your efforts will be in vain since spiritually you are being pulled back.

According to a man of God, Evangelist Prince Adu Asare, anytime you feel cobwebs on your face quickly rub your face with your left hand three times and in all three instances, say this repeatedly “I wipe off every demonic web from my face in Jesus’ name.

After wards touch your feet three times with the same left hands and say, thank you Jesus for putting all my enemies under my feet.

All the bad intentions of the devil will not work upon your life when you do this practice anytime you are entangled with cobwebs, as it was confirmed by the man of God.

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Source; Opera News

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