Do These 4 Things And She Will Never Let You Go

Welcome home my dear friend.

Let me start by saying that dating can be a nerve demolition so instead of panicking, just take it step by step .

Provided below is a list is made to cater for both sexes.

Without too much publicity, here are 5 guiding tips for your first date.

1. Decide on the location:

First of all, just decide on the location.

Nothing too extravagant, nothing too fancy. Do not try this cheap trick to impress your first date with your financial assets.

Make sure you take her for lunch or dinner (dinner is more romantic) somewhere moderately affordable and above all a comfortable one , where you can talk for long hours without being disturbed or being asked to leave on the accounts of other customers who are waiting their turn sit at the table.

Hahaha. That would be very embarrassing.

Please go somewhere quiet.

2. Movies are a complete no-no on your first date.

Infact how are you supposed to know yourself while being a mom with your eyes fixed on the screen?

Kindly remember not to go too far to impress yourself.

Please try to be yourself. As a matter of truth this will save you from disappointments later.

3. Take care of yourself:

Please try as much as you can to dress appropriately, keeping in mind where you are going.

If you are planning on having a fine dining experience, put on an elegant suit with fancy shoes and a tie.

Girls go for a downhill dress with soft colors. You have to plan your clothes in advance, clean, iron and perfume them on time.

If you are heading to a chain of junk food restaurants, keep it casual.

Please don’t forget to shower and shampoo properly. Boys, do not forget to shave.

Make sure your fingernails are clean and the lips are not chapped. Use cologne or perfume .

4.Gifts and Tokens:

It isn’t mandatory however a small gift can be a great start and can be a cherished memory of your first date.

Sorry to say that It is really stupid to buy something very expensive when you do not even know the person well, so avoid doing that.

Thank you very much for your time. I hope I didn’t waste your credit

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