Digitization of private schools in Ghana; GNACOPS set to kick-start project

Press statement

On Thursday, 15th October,2020*T

Toall Private Schools

Digitization of Education:The New Option for Private Education in Ghana

As part of the Standards- Based Curriculum that is being implemented by Ghanaian schools which espouses and underpins the global citizenry identity through the digitization of education programme called digital literacy, government of Ghana is keenly putting it’s weight and also concentrating on all educational systems that would boost learning outcomes, the new normal in the global education delivery has also given wilder recognition to the use of digital platform programmes to enhance the effective way of blending the face to face and distance learning programs to meet the demands of learners in the 21st century systems of educational delivery.

In other to have a robust system in Private Schools to provide the necessary tools and skills for effective planning and implementation of this trending programme in all schools
Ghana National Council of Private Schools- GNACOPS, under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, intends to carry out a project called *The National Digital Literacy Project (NDLP)*. A project borne out of the Government of Ghana’s vision to ensure every pupil in Ghana is adequately prepared for the global digital economy and the transformation of Ghana to align learning with the dynamics and dictates of the fourth industrial revolution.
This project is targeted at teachers and learners in all private primary and JHS schools in Ghana and will make it possible for all pupils to have access to digital technology and communication tools for learning.

This project, led by the private schools Council and in collaboration with Coral Reef Innovation and P2S Company Limited, also empowers teachers to create and deliver learning contents using digital technology (combination of technology, content and learning).

This multi dollar purpose project would be rolled out in two faces

*Phase 1 – Pilot*

The first phase of the project consist of the following;

1.Identification of pilot schools and pre-qualification by the Council.

2.Pre-inspection of facilities and recommendations made on suitability

3.Provide funding plans (personal or bank funded through Coral Reef funding partners)

4.Training of ambassadors of innovation(a teacher from each school)

5.Installation of smart labs after funding resolved

6.Post installation customer support (3 months free)

*Phase 2 – roll out*

1.This will be opened for all schools to apply and have labs installed

2.All teachers and parents who will like to own devices to apply through their schools and get funded by partner banks if they qualify

As part of the funding these steps have been taken for all the private schools.

*Banks through Asset Financing Scheme ( AFS)*

1.Schools lab funding:
Both local & International partnering banks to pre-finance the labs for schools through an Asset Financing Scheme (AFS).

2. Private School Teachers laptops and Kids devices Funding

Banks will also fund laptops for teachers and devices for kids through the schools directly or through the selected banks.

*Sharia funds*
Fundraising ongoing for grants for Muslim schools and schools located in Muslim communities

*Special projects*
Fund raising ongoing for schools that choose to run STEM for girls project in their schools to serve the girl-child education in their communities.
These will come in to subsidized set up costs

*Deprived Private Schools fund*
Funds are available to support deprived private schools in some communities by corporate organisations, coral reef, charitable clubs and others. This will ensure digital inclusion as part of the achievement of the SDGs.

An application and registration portal would be launched on GNACOPS official website soon for all school to apply.

For further information, contact GNACOPS Natiional Secretariat via, , 0502071245/ 024 964 1349 /020 702 1555/0548470808.

And any of our regional offices.

Thank you
Enoch Kwasi Gyetuah
National Executive Director

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