watch out for these signs when a lady is after your money

Did you say she loves you? Well you will be staggered as these signs give you clear proves that she is a player and she is only interested in your money.

She is  so much concerned about the status-quo of your finances. Her interest  revolves around how much you earn, how much is in your bank account, how much you deposit and your ability to spend. Women or ladies who belong to this class do  that only to figure out if you are rich enough for her and if you are going to be a suitable victim. You better watch out Mr. Man.

You see her calling or texting only when she is in need of money. Majority of selfish players are of this sort. They will only call or send you a text when they are penniless and need money or they need you to drop them somewhere with your car. Mr. Man, this is a striking sign which should inform you that she is only playing and she is using you for financial gains. A lady who has positive intentions for you will always want to be with you and spend time with you. She will reach you via phone and send a message often even if it is just to say “hi”.

Ahaaa! She employs sex as her weapon.

Premised on the reality that sex is a weapon and men can’t hide the fact that they love sex so much, most women take advantage of that and employ it to get what they want from men who are feeble. They are players and not true lovers. They seduce you or only wants to have sex with you only when they makes a list of things they want and how much they need.

To be continued…

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