Do You Know Why Pirates Always Cover One Eye? Here Is The Secret

It is an undeniable fact that we all love watching movies about pirates and we know that two things are true.

In the first place, pirates are always seen in a movie searching for a treasure trove.

The second thing is that they are always seen wearing eye patches to cover one of their eyes.

Majority of us often think that pirates put on patches just to cover an injured or missing eye. This is totally false. is happy to school you today.

According to research,
pirates wore eye patches to enhance their night vision.

If you think about it, it is clear that pirate ships were dark, but can you imagine just how dark they must have been at night?

The reality of life at sea meant that pirates had to know how to navigate every inch of their vessels during the daytime and nighttime in order to survive.

In the dead of darkness, pirates had to be able to not only maneuver through their vast ships with windowless corridors and minimal lighting, but also jump from ship to ship in the dark.

Plus, they fought battles with adversaries under the cover of darkness too.


Now by wearing an eye patches at night, their eyes could easily adjust more quickly in the midst of darkness so that their target can be found easily.

Please understand that once they focused on their target or found themselves in a well-lit area, they could flip the eye patch up for optimal vision.

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