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Did you know it is dangerous to drive with a reserve gas ? Here are the reasons



It is a very common thing for the vehicle of many drivers to reach the gas reserve and still continue driving. Most of them ignore the fact that reservation function is only to give a ‘margin’ to get to the nearest gas filling station. Driving a vehicle for several kilometers in such a condition is not an ideal practice sonce far from saving a few pesos, which will in the long run cost you soo much more than you think.

Please permit me to school you on the fact that the gasoline reserve usually has sediments and impurities at the base, so that whenever used, these flow with the fuel and remain trapped within the filter, generating obstructions that re manifested in loss of your car’s engine power. With time, engine injectors will be damaged including the spark plugs. You car will also experience difficulties in starting, increased fuel consumption or even sudden engine shutdowns.

Please never forget this; the quality of the gasoline is also relevant for the proper functioning of your vehicle. In the country called Mexico for instance, it is possible to get 87 Octane Magna and 92 Premium gasoline (remember that the higher its Octane rating, the higher the performance and the life of the engine will be prolonged), but interestingly no matter what type of gasoline you purchase on the market, the recommendation to avoid driving with the reservation is the same.


May damage the fuel pump: the fuel pump of the car is one of the parts that are most prone to devastation if you drive with the reserve. This is premise on the fact that the remaining gasoline sucks in air, causing overheating.


Effect on fuel filter: As highlighted earlier, the gasoline reserve usually carries impurities that are trapped with the fuel filter. Damages from this can range from loss of engine power to difficulty starting the vehicle.

Effect on the catalytic converter: Lack of enough fuel also triggers an effect on the catalytic converter. What happens is that , its wear and tear causes your car to emit more pollutants, which will cause you problems to pass the verification.

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