“Stop Chasing White-Color Jobs…Start Your Business”-CEO Calls On Youth

Chief Executive Officer for Regina’s Delicious Tombrown has added his voice to the clarion call on Ghanaian youth to develop an entrepreneurship mindset.

Madam Regina Obri, a giant producer of tombrown and other local cereal delicacies including “egbweemi” and “ebroayo” defended that the foregoing is highly advantageous than the usual trend where most youth fall on white-color job as a means of survival.

Following the rate of unemployment, she noted that it is more prudent if a youth starts a business by identifying a career that meets his or her interest and passion and make money out of it.

“Our youth must avoid the fear of failure and start a business of their choice”, adding that there are some young graduates who are already into entrepreneurship and are indeed doing much better.

Regina made this statement in an exclusive interview with


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