“Defend Your Vision If You Want To Serve NPP…”- Hon Musah Superior To Aspirants

General Secretary hopeful for the New Patriotic party Hon Musah Superior has called on the party NEC to demand from candidates a publicized version of their plans and visions vis-à-vis positions they are contesting for.

The Deputy CEO for Ghana Forestry Commission is of the opinion that the above will facilitate the promotion of a healthy, competitive and productive discussion insofar the hiring of such candidates.

The fire-brand politician made a strong case on his Facebook page, challenging that if one wants to serve within any political capacity of the NPP “it is proper to publish your vision”.

Hon Musah Superior wrote this on his Facebook wall;

“It mustn’t be business as usual.

The status quo must be stood down. If you want to serve our great Party in any capacity in this crucial period, it is only proper you publish your vision detailing why you are most suitable.

Our Party folks MUST demand for the publication of plans of persons who are aspiring to hold various positions in the Party.

This will encourage a healthy, competitive and productive discussion leading to the hiring of such people.

We may also have to engage in sit-in debates to defend our visions. This is the way to go.”

Source; www.leakynews.net

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