Dear Pastor, See Why Your Church Is Not Growing


1. APPEARANCE: The church building must look attractive. The church leaders must dress nicely. How the church is decorated is very important, and keeps members in the church.

2. *FIRST IMPRESSION AT THE CHURCH IS KEY*: How to welcome a visitor can keep him/her in the church.

3. *DON’T COMPROMISES ON QUALITY*: The singers in the church should sing properly and powerful. Announcement and arrangements should be on point. Meaning quality things should be done in the church.

4. KNOW YOUR CHURCH MEMBERS: If you show care to the church members, they will stick to the church forever. (eg. when church member is sick, in debt, parents die etc. the leaders should show care.Leaders must try to visit or know the church members residence, to know how and what the members are going through.

5 RESPECT FOR TIME: Please we(leaders) should reduce unnecessary time wasting, long period of announcement and programs that won’t uplift the spiritual growth of the church.

6. ACCEPT COMPLAINTS ON GOOD FAITH: If a member prompt you (as leader) about any mistake, take or receive it in good faith.

7. CLOTHING & PARAPHERNALIA THAT OFFEND MUST BE AVOIDED.*: Leaders in the church should sometimes thinks about the welfare of the church members. Infact, some members of the church needs help, so the church board or the leaders should be in thier aid.

9. BEWARE OF RELATIONSHIP ENTROPY*: Let us (leaders) not think that no matter what, the members will come to church so we should treat them anyhow. Let us not lose a single SOUL in the church, because, one day every Church Pastor, Elder or leader will account for his/her leadership. We should always search for our church members.

Thanks for reading my messages. Kindly share so we Will keep our church save.
(Omene Bour Nana)


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