Dear Nana Addo, the military men you deployed  have disappeared



Dear Nana Addo

It has been weeks long since the voters registration exercise which was organization by the Electoral Commission (EC) Chairperson and her board members. During the registration, Ghanaians saw military personnel protecting the boarders and it was because of the COVID19 pandemic not to protect the registration of the new voters identification card.

It was alarmed that, some foreigners are trooping in to register for the voters card of which military men went to protect the boarders in the volta, Oti and other regions which were suspected that some people can come in without your permission and might spread the disease if he or she has.

This boosted the nation to protect their own so that every individual will be safe, especially those at the close boarders to near countries like Togo and others.

After the new voters registration exercise, it seems there is no military men or security personnels are at the boarder. All the boarders are there without these military men, who were always putting fears in people. We still need these men to be at their normal duties to protect and safeguard our beloved country’s boarded.


We Ghanaians do not want to believe that these military men went there purposely on a mission of the voters registration rather to protect the boarders about suspected cases about the COVID19 pandemic.

Thank you.

Source; opera news

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