Dear men, if your eyes meet a lady’s eyes do this quickly before it’s too late

When a man is attracted to a lady, he will boldly approach her to express his feelings for that particular lady.

But women are not like men, instead of approaching, women have different number of ways of expressing themselves to the man they are attracted to.

There are often time signals girls give when they are attracted to a man. Women are not likely to tell you that they admire you, but the way they act towards you will show that they are beginning to develop feelings for you.

As a man, the way you response to a girl’s signal will tell whether she continue to love you or not.

One of the signs that shows when a girl is attracted to you is that she will always be staring at you for no reasons.

Often times you might not even know that she had been looking at you.

In most cases your eyes will meet.

There are seversl reasons why girls stare at you when they are attracted to you.

But it can also be a trap if you do not compose yourself. Girls love men that are very bold and have self confidence.

If your eyes meet a girl’s eyes, avoiding looking down or turning your head away because this would make you look like a shy person or someone that is not bold.

Instead of turning your head away, look her in the eyes. Looking her in the eyes will show that you are a confident man.

The reason why ladies like confident and bold men is because women want men that can protect them.

They do not want to be with a man that will easily be intimidated or talked down by others.

Once a lady realised that you lack confidence and you are not bold, she may likely lose interest in you.

So avoid looking down or turning your head away when your eyes meet a lady’s eyes because she might see you as a weak man.

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