Dear ladies, avoid men who give this handshake, they want you in bed

Handshake is one of the ways at which people greet each other when they meet and show respect with some little smile on their face.

Handshake is known Worldwide and it is widely accepted but differs between tribes and regions as when and how to do it matters to some people.

As much as handshake is globally accepted, there is a particular handshake which some people call “handgasm”.

A lot of people might be wondering what it means when someone put and rub their finger in the middle of their palm when they shake them.

This most times comes from the other gender and it definitely has a great meaning.

When someone rubs his/her finger in your palm, what it simply means is that he wants to get in bed with you. He wants to have some pleasure with you.

Why do you have to stay away from someone who gives you this handshake?

This handshake is highly evil because it definitely means the person is trying to fornicate with you (if not married) or make you to commit adultery (if married) and God is against this two acts.

You have to stop anyone who gives you this kind of handshake quickly anytime they do it again because it is not Godly.

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