Deadly earthquake rocks western Turkey, Greece

A mighty earthquake struck the Aegean Sea on Friday and inflicted degrees of damage in both Greece and Turkey, where buildings collapsed and killed at least four people with several others trapped under the rubble.

According to Turkey’s health minister Fahrettin Koca, at least 120 were people injured in the coastal province of Izmir.

Witness said that people flooded onto the streets in the Turkish city of Izmir after the magnitude 7.0 earthquake hit.

The wreckage of multiple-story buildings in the city’s center could be seen with individuals climbing out to escape. Smoke rose into the atmosphere in several areas.

Images on social media showed clearly  water moving through the streets of Izmir from an apparent sea surge.

Izmir Mayor Tunc Soyer informed CNN Turk that about 20 buildings were destroyed by the quake.

The city is the third-largest in Turkey with about 4,5 million residents. Turkey’s interior minister tweeted that six buildings in Izmir were destroyed.

Source; Aljazeera

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