Total Darkness At Kejetia…Traders Fight KMA Boss Tooth And Nail

By Enock Akonnor

Stoppage of electricity supply to Kejetia market has triggered a lethal reaction from the leadership of the traders against the Kumasi City Mayor Hon Sam Payne.

From Wednesday 22nd June 2022 at about 10:00am till now, the whole market has been kicked out of the national grid by ECG officials owing to the colossal quantum of unpaid debt on electric power consumption covering 8 months.

The long standing fight of traders for separate meters which according to our sources is partly the reason for the accumulated debt has digressed the intensity of its gravity against the Mayor.

Leadership of the traders have pressed charges that Hon Sam Pyne few weeks after assuming office promised to fast track processes for the acquisition of separate meters for each shop.

James Akwasi Prempeh who spoke on behalf of Combined Kejetia Traders Association disclosed at a press briefing that timely interventions and measures were set in motion by the former Mayor Hon Osei Assibey for the acquisition of separate meters.

He continued disclose that everything was halted and abrogated when Sam Pyne came into office, premised on reason given by authorities that there were flaws with the intervention and processes.

“Sam Pyne promised us that he was going to address the matter within 2 weeks but for 8 months now, nothing has been done”

Presently, the whole Kejetia market since its commissioning is still run on a single metre.

It emerged in his address that for 2 years now, their request for separate meters has been brushed under carpet and that authorities of KMA have paid death ears to their request.

The leadership have dared the Mayor to come out and publicly disclose steps he has taken towards addressing the challenge in question and if any, name institutions with which he has negotiated as part of measures to salvage the situation.

Response from management of Kejetia market as disclosed by Nana Prempeh has it that there is no way the market will be reconnected to the national grid if the current outstanding debt remains unpaid.

On the basis of the gloomy status-quo, they have announced that there is no way they can trade in darkness and as part of registering their displeasure against city authorities and government, they have issued directive to all traders to close their shops from 3pm.

“No shop will even be open from tomorrow Friday 24th June 2022 morning if situation persists”, he noted.

“In fact this government has disappointed the people of Kumasi. We are highly disappointed”, he lamented.


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