Cure kidney stone and other diseases with just a banana stem juice. It is incredible



We are all aware of the advantages of eating bananas, yet a considerable lot of us neglect the advantage of eating banana stem.

Banana stem juice has several medical benefits and can be made at home without any trouble.

Pretty much all aspects of the banana tree can be used somehow or another or the other. The blossoms, foods grown from the ground can be eaten, the leaves can be utilized as plates and the bark can be utilized to make paper.

The juice removed from the delicate inward part of the banana stem contains a variety of supplements that can help with different medical issues.

It is particularly full in nutrient B6 and potassium. Banana stem juice is suggested for dissolving kidney stones.


For Kidney Stones: Nowadays, even specialists advise incorporating banana stem in the eating regimen, for patients who experience the ill effects of nerve bladder stones.

In the event that you are experiencing nerve bladder stones, incorporate banana stem in the eating routine at any rate week after week once.

The banana stem squeeze add lime juice blend is a superb solution for kidneystones.

For this solution for kidney stones, you will require some hacked banana stem, juice of a large portion of a lemon, some water and a touch of salt. Drench the cleaved banana stem for about an hour in water. Put the banana stem alongside the water in a blender and mix to remove the juice. Strain the fluid and include the lemon squeeze and touch of salt.

Drink some banana stem squeeze day by day toward the beginning of the day on void stomach to break up the kidney stones.

For Weight Loss: Banana stem is loaded with fiber, a cup of banana stem is very filling and will keep you satisfied for quite a while.
Attempt to remember it for your weight reduction plan for quick outcomes.

Hyper Acidity: Drinking some banana stem juice helps in treating hyper sharpness. You can likewise have it on void stomach.

For Constipation : Since plantain stem is loaded with fiber, it will significantly help individuals who are blocked up. On the off chance that you need to devour it as a juice for treating blockage, try not to strain the juice.

For Diabetic Patients: Banana stem is superb for diabetics, as it doesn’t raise the glucose level pointedly however drink the juice without stressing it to hold the fiber.

For UTI: Banana stem juice is additionally viable for treating urinary plot diseases. Numerous individuals don’t utilize banana stem in their eating regimen since it requires some investment to perfect and cut the banana stem. Yet, banana stem once cleaned and cut can be absorbed buttermilk and put away in the cooler for a considerable length of time.

Everyday, you can take the necessary measure of the banana stem and afterward make the juice. On the off chance that the buttermilk gets excessively harsh, you can change the buttermilk alone.

Along these lines, we spare such a large amount of time and you can expend banana stem frequently as well. To make the banana stem juice, take the cut banana stem alongside salt, pepper, simmered jeera powder and new yogurt and crush to a smooth glue.

Meager it down to the ideal thickness with bubbled water. It is extremely delicious and it should drink promptly, when it is made, for best outcomes..

Have an extraordinary day.

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