Cracked Heels? These 7 Steps Will Deal With It Quickly

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Interestingly people invest highly on their face giving little or no attention to the condition of their feet.

Are you aware that lack of good care and hygiene leads to cracked heels?

This is very true.

For other people cracked heels are not an issue at all but in some instances, it can trigger problem insofar making the heels become painful or start bleeding.

Cracked feet which is also known as heel fissures is a common foot condition.

Though it occurs in both adults and children, it is very common in women.

Most people find cracked heels very embarrassing and may even make them feel much ashamed to remove shoes or socks especially when they are in public.

Here are some of the causes of cracked Heels;

1. Having calluses: a callus is a section of the skin that has become toughened and thick because of friction, pressure or irritation.

2. Obesity which increases pressure on the feet

3. Frequently wearing or putting on shoes or sandals with open backs

4. Having conditions like athletes’ foot, eczema

5. Habitually using soaps that strip your skin of the natural oils

6. Taking hot showers for longer periods

7. Dry skin due to climatic conditions

Here Are Reliable Remedies For Cracked Heels

1. Hydration:

If you are a victim of cracked heels the first thing you need to check out is your water consumption.

The skin can lose up to a litre throughout the day especially in dry climates.

Keeping your skin hydrated soothes dry skin and goes a long way in resisting cracked heels.

2. Apply moisturizer frequently and consistently:

Always endeavor to use a good moisturizer at least once a day or possibly more.

If you are trying to heal cracked heels or prevent them, moisturizing ensures that they do not go dry.

3. Wear cotton socks:

Socks made from cotton fabric help the skin to breath and maintain the moisture within.

4. Often Scrubbing the heels with a pumice stone:

Gently scrub the heels with a pumice stone, after moisturizing or soaking the feet in a clean and warm water.

Please don’t forget to disinfect the pumice stone before using it so as to kill the bacteria from previous scrubs.

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