“Nana Addo takes advise from funny characters…partial lockdown is useless”- Hassan Ayariga



Dr. Hassan Ayariga, Founder and leader for All People’s Congress (APC) has hurled a verbal missile against His Excellency Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo over the imposition of a partial lockdown on some parts of Greater Accra and the Ashanti region.

He has chastised the President’s decision as totally useless and wasteful, premised on the reason that the partial lock down which took effect on Monday 30th March 2020 will end up worsening the situation as persons infected with the coronavirus will end up migrating to other parts of the country to plague other regions.

Speaking in an interview with leakynews.net, captain of the opposition party Dr. Ayariga labeled the lock down directive as highly feeble to salvage Ghana from the grips of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The President is totally confused. He doesn’t know what he is doing…he can’t take decisions for himself. He takes decision from funny characters instead of experts and professionals…yes they are funny characters…
You see, you have an infection in your country and the nation is made up of 16 regions.
You don’t even know where the infection is very high weather it is Greater Accra, Northern, Upper West or Upper East and then you come and tell us that you are locking down greater Accra and something called Greater Kumasi. Even I have never heard of that name ‘greater Kumasi’ before.

The man is totally confused. He doesn’t know what he is doing…Even common descision on how to prevent Coronavirus he can’t take…The virus has gained access into the country and you don’t know which region is high visavis infected persons and all of a sudden you come out to say let’s lockdown Kumasi and greater Accra…What do you think the people in the other regions will do. They will migrate to other regions and it will worsen the situation. If you want to lock down, why don’t you lockdown every place and allow only essential workers to carry out their daily duties” he said.


The leader for the opposition party continued that the President should as a matter of necessity handle all briefings on COVID-19 to the health Minister and the medical team instead of the Minister for Information Hon Kojo Oppong Nkrumah.

He believes that the health Minister is much credible to feed the public with the right update.

“The information minister may massage the facts related to the out break in Ghana”.

For Dr. Hassan Ayariga, the COVID-19 pandemic is a test of leadership for Presidents across the world vis-à-vis how they can come out with the best of decisions to save the lives of their citizens.

“This is not about money but implementation of good ideas. President Akuffo Addo should demonstrate this to Ghanaians in a trying moment like this”, he said.


By Enock Akonnor


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  1. The most hilarious political Comedian in Ghana is now the one telling this nation about funny characters. The true definition of funny character is “Ayariga ”who goes on National television on a Presidential political Debate and fakes a stupid cough anytime a then specific Candidate was speaking. He could give his opinion on a matter that is his right, but he must know the difference between a comedian and a serious politician. We need sensible contribution to matters of National importance not paid up Comedians

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