COVID-19; what Ghana needs to do right



By Justice k Aniah Baba

The coronavirus epidemic is rapidly escalating in Ghana though social distancing measures, such as canceling social gathering , regularly washing of hands underruning water and sanitizing hands is not enough.

we need a health system strategy premised on testing, telehealth, and treatment that achieves the twin objectives of curbing transmission and optimizing care for the influx of patients expected in the coming weeks because as at now the 24 cases recorded so far may double in numbers by the end of March 2020.


With the epidemic doubling in size every day we need to act urgently and, within the next 30 days, establish a systematic approach to find and isolate infected people as quickly as possible before they infect others, monitor Covid-19.


If we knew every single person infected at this very moment, we could isolate and treat them before they infect others, and this epidemic would be over in a matter of weeks.

However, because Covid-19 causes symptoms similar to the flu and numerous other viruses, it is impossible to know who is infected without testing so we suggest there should be mass testing across the country.

*Asking retiree workers to assist government wrong.*

Why should we go for the services of retired health officials while the graduate unemployment nurses are staying in the house ? The service of the retired health officials is not needed for now but due to the widely spread of the pandemic we may consult them to assist the newly recruit graduates in the fight against the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

*Logistics* : all these can be successful when logistics and equipments provided by the government.

*What the media fail to* *do* :
Since the ban on reglious activities such as churches , mosque and other gathering, the Ghanaian media is now charging huge money for those buying airtime to preach the gospel. The media should know better given their platform for health officials to Broadcast their activities in educating the public for example John Dramani Mahama’s team of experts and medical doctors like this needs these platform to help government in the fight against coronavirus.

I will also advice if you start exhibiting signs of COVID-19 which include coughing, sneezing, mild head aches and difficulty in breathing, don’t try to go to the hospital immediately but stay at home and call any of the emergency numbers provided by the Ministry of Health. Officers will interact with you on the fon and will advise you accordingly. This is because on your way to the hospital, you could further spread the virus (especially in taxis, trotros and buses) if you end up turning positive for the disease. Even at the OPD if the hospitals are not expecting you, you could further spread the virus if you turn up positive.

I must admit people who get infected can recover if managed properly so there is no need to fear and panic but we must adhere to safety guidelines being offered by the Ministry of Health so we do not escalate the numbers. The fatality of this infections lies in escalating the number of new infections on daily basis.

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