COVID-19; This Is Why President Has Stopped Addressing The Nation (Opinion)

Our country Ghana was badly hit by the corona wide pandemic which I guess you know already.

The active cases appear not to reduce as expected and it is because of us. Yes! I said us-we Ghanaians.

Simple protocols we don’t want to follow.

Anyway I am not here for that today since my main focus today is on why the President has stopped addressing the nation on corona virus cases like he use to do back then.

On every Sunday we will see him on our television updating us on what his government is doing to curb the spread of the virus in the country.

Have you wondered why the President does not come Live on television to tell us again?

Have you ever wondered what could be the main problem?

Well, this article will get you informed.

Let us dig in quickly.

In my opinion, one of the main reasons why the President has stopped addressing the nation is because of the fact that, Ghana has received the Covid-19 vaccines and it seems it will be useless to address the nation as usual.

The vaccines after their arrival, was injected into the President and His Vice, plus their wives.

Another reason why the President has stopped updating the nation is because of the fact that he is busy appointing his Ministers and Deputy Ministers and not forgetting the Regional Ministers and co.

Infact he needed enough time to see who suits into a position and won’t disappoint him after approval.

This is one of the cardinal reasons. You don’t need to be told.

In my opinion, another reason is because at this point or moment, everybody in the country has heard about the virus and the laid down principles or protocols.

Even a kid can school you on all the necessary protocols the government has put in place. And we guess you also know it too.

Wow! I have expressed my opinion, drop yours in the comment section below.

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