Covid-19; stray bullet kills 13-year old boy



A 13-year old boy was hit by a police stray bullet in the stomach at the time he was perched on his apartment’s balcony in Nairobi.

Hussein Moyo was curiously watching the police with his mother and siblings as they (police) patrolled the streets during the curfew.

A coronavirus-related curfew had just started when a stray bullet struck him.

His father, Hussein Moyo Molte, was at a nearby friend’s place watching the news and recounts hearing gunshots moments before his daughter called to tell him, “Yassin’s been shot, we were on the balcony, the police had a torch on us and then they fired shots.”

Moyo rushed home to find the neighborhood engulfed in tear gas.


After he was quickly rushed to a Nairobi hospital by now he later died from his injuries.

His father believes that the neighborhood police are to be blamed for the incident, which happened on March 30.

“My child was shot on the balcony at home, he wasn’t even on the street,” said Moyo. “I support the curfew but how the policeman handled it was very wrong.”

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