Covid-19 pandemic; GNACOPS calls for unity among private school owners in Ghana



The Ghana National Council Of Private Schools, Gnacops as an umbrella body that steers the affairs of private education in the country has called on all private school owners, managers and headteachers to unite and be each other’s keeper for the success of private education in the country.

This was revealed by the national communication director for the council,Mr Samuel Nyamekye in a meeting held in the Ashanti region for oforikrom municipality today, 23rd July, 2020.

According to the communication officer, most private school owners exhibit the attitude of selfishness and greed when it comes to getting children fog their schools.

In his address, he stated that some school owners impede the progress of other private schools in their localities by tarnishing the image of their neighbouring schools just to get children for their schools.

This in many ways contribute to why some private schools find it very difficult to collect their school fees.


According to him, the council is working on a policy that will check the transfer of students from one school to another school.

He advised that such acts should be put to a halt and called for unity of purpose for all private schools.

According to Mr Nyamekye, the Ghana Education Service, GES and, or, any other private association has no right to intimidate the decisions and activities of private school owners.

It has come to their notice that some private school associations in partner with the Ghana education service have been influencing the affairs of most private schools, especially in the Ashanti region in a negative way.

This according to him was made known when some school owners could not successfully apply for the government stimulus package.

” The leaders of your association nicodemusly come to us and have things done for them and publicly come to you and tell you not to come to us for assistance, this is inhuman- Mr Nyamekye said”.


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