Covid-19: It is only God who is keeping you alive- Americans to Africans

It is extremely difficult to explain colours to a blind man. It is highly impossible to tell a deaf person how the horns of a car sounds.

This is the same as explaining to Americans that it is God who is keeping Africans alive during this convid-19 trying time.

Before COVID-19 escalated to its current state, there were prophecies from America and Europe that COVID-19 will make Africa a valley of skulls and a bed of death.

This is clearly a premeditated prophecy.

They thought, since HIV /AIDS, ebola, cholera, polio and malaria including tuberculosis all dwell in Africa, certainly, this very disease will also make Africa its destination. But they were surprised when Africans continue to survive while those who invented the prophecies continue to die in thousands.

Despite going to Twitter to tell Americans that it is God who is sparing Africans, they still did not believe.

All they think is that either Africans are applying herbal portions or they are using charms.

Some even concluded that Africans are using black magic, voodoo and secret and diabolic means to survive.

Some merely joked that COVID-19 must be black in color perhaps that is why it is sparing black people and make whites its enemies.

They are of the thought that since Africans have neither good health care facilities and up-to-date medical facilities, then we will die in thousands but God is not a man. The wisdom of man is foolishness in the sight of God

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