Covid-19; “I forsee doom looming over Ghana”-PAFMOG



As a true patriotic citizen, a social activist and President of Patriotic Front Movement of Ghana (PAFMOG), my heart aches because I anticipate doom looming over Ghana, if care is not taken we will be vanquished in the course of our fight against this Covid-19 pandemic.


To begin with, after a close monitoring and observations of current deeds of some leaders and affluent citizens of our country, one might be tempted to believe that the world is at the brink of destruction.
Just look at the alarming rate at which people are making panic withdrawals from their banks and buying food items braced with the gratuitous movement from urban to rural centres all in the name of “lockdown”.

Next, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” Lack of knowledge and proper education on this global pandemic in our country is one of our biggest challenges now. Even though right channels like the *NCCE, MoH* and other stakeholders are relentlessly doing their part, the accurate education seem not to be relayed and gotten down well to the ordinary Ghanaian since majority of our citizens just rely on hearsays.
This in effect has resulted in some citizens to self-medicate and inculcate some uncertified directives which are unrequired and might be lethal.
I believe that if our laws against peddling of false information are stringently implemented and effected most of these unscrupulous people spreading fear, panic and inaccurate information will be uprooted from our midst.

Also, the carefree attitude towards the laid down measures by government by some citizens is another recipe for disaster. Considering the rate at which some civilians are been resolute to the law enforcement agencies especially in the lockdown affected communities, and the rate at which our confirmed positive cases are rapidly increasing, I cannot fathom why some citizens choose to flout law and order at their peril.
After all *“ _We are not in normal times”_* ; the earlier we let this message sink deeper into our hearts the better we understand the magnitude of the “war” we are fighting.


I am not a Prophet but if these actions and inactions continue for at least three months Ghana will be doomed.
The regional (horizontal spread) spread clearly tells me that we are sitting on a ticking time bomb if we do not change our happy-go-lucky thoughts about this deadly pandemic.

In conclusion, we should all play our individual roles wholeheartedly and conform to all the directives given by the government, follow all the WHO directives and take good care of ourselves.

_*Stop panic withdrawal*_

_*Stop panic buying*_ and

*_Stop moving around, STAY HOME!_*

because WE do not know for how long this disease will stay or be eradicated.

Above all these we know for sure that there is always light at the end of the tunnel because THIS too will surely pass.
Thank you.

*Nyamekye Ebenezer*
*President Patriotic Front Movement Of Ghana and a Social Activist*

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