Covid-19; Ghana President warned to release and compensate arrested Pastors…”else i will preach against NPP”.



A popular Ghanaian Evangelist is lacing his boot to influence Ghanaians to vote massively against the ruling party NPP.

Evangelist Justice Wilberforce of Revival Fire Campus Ministry told that he “will vociferously and vehemently preach against NPP if Pastors who have been arrested and jailed for contravening and violating the so called covid-19 protocols are not released and compensated”.

He has challenged the ruling party (NPP) and for that matter His Excellency Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo on why NPP delegates and executives who at the full glare of authorities were abusing the covid-19 safety protocols at the just ended primaries should be left untouched by the law whiles servants of God are penalised over the same offense.

He official copied the office of his statement; saying that “…Yesterday right under my nose, I saw the NPP party members violating this same protocols that got the Pastors arrested.


Police men were around but no one was arrested. I saw more than 200 people at a place , no social distancing, most of them were without nose mask. They spent more than an hour and yet nobody has been arrested them”, he indicated.

The young and vibrant revivalist said he is completely shuddered over the hypocrisy of government and his callous posture against the Church.

He stated in an exclusive dialogue with that it is clear from the scenes at the primaries that government just preaches virtue and practices vice.

“If you will arrest pastors because they have violated the so called COVID regulations, why would you then not arrest people (delegates and NPP party members) who have brutally broken it. What are you trying to say? Then I think what the President is telling Ghanaians is that the protocols are useless and needless”, he stated in a wild tone.

Evangelist Wiberforce almost broke into tears when he shared a message he received from one of his sons concerning some Pastors who were lined up yesterday at Koforidua Police station all because they violated covid-19 protocols.

He stressed in his statement that “I will personally preach and vote against NPP if the Pastors who have been arrested are not released and compensated”.

By Enock Akonnor; Editor-in-chief

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