Covid-19 fight; Remember the tipliners (immigration) Mr. President



ARTICLE BY: Andrew Blay Gyaah

The Ghanaian generosity in recent times has become vividly clear towards the assistance of frontliners who are doing all they can to win the battle against the COVID 19 pandemic. Donors have indeed demonstrated that when you are more fortunate than others, it is important to set longer tables rather than higher walls.

We appreciate your efforts and good intentions. Your generosity has gone a long way to save dozens who might have been killed in this war against the common enemy.

However, it seems we have all forgotten one class of people who dearly need recognition. I call them, “the tipliners”. Who are these so called tip liners? The personnel of the Immigration Service.


In the president’s last address to the nation on the pandemic, he made it clear that 79% of the cases in Ghana were imported. If that is so, it means everyone of the positive entrants, had an interaction with the tip liners.

The role of the tipliners cannot be under estimated. They are the face and direct embodiment of the character traits of the country. That is: seeing them, is seeing Ghana. If they are corrupt at the airports and borders, expatriates who encounter them will simply see Ghana as a corrupt country. On the other hand, if they carry out their duties with seriousness and touch of patriotism, foreigners who encounter them will see Ghana as a serious country. I can confidently say that our Military, Navy and Airforce seem to always be on holidays because of the vigilance of the Ghana Immigration Service personnel on our borders to ward off potential terrorists.

In our war against the Corona virus, they are doing all they can to ensure that the president’s directive to close all our borders till further notice is met. In spite of the urgency of their efforts, most work without the prescribed PPEs. Sad as it looks, it appears that almost all donations and perks go to the health workers, the police, media, military and vulnerable in society.

What makes it more worrying is that the tip liners are not even commended and recognized when most public officials recognize the efforts of the warriors in this battle.

Incidentally, most of the recent recorded cases are individuals who use unapproved routes to enter the country. Is it not these fellows who often escape from treatment centers? Isn’t it important to assist them to keep our borders safer in this difficult times and never to allow recalcitrant individuals to enter Ghana?

If the tip liners are adequately equally remembered and catered for, their efforts will prevent such positive individuals from entering the country hence, reducing the burden on the frontliners. If they are attended to like their colleagues in other endeavours, then you and I will be safer and members of the other security agencies will have less or no jobs to do.

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