COVID-19 fight; “Akuffo Addo is just clueless and confused”- Mr. “ayaricough”



PRESS statement

Today the world is confronted with the deadly disease known as COVID 19. Every nation is taking urgent measures to protect its citizens. Unfortunately, our president is still confused and indecisive as to the mechanisms and decisions to roll out in order to prevent the spread of the virus in our country. The safety of our frontline health workers, doctors, physician assistants and nurses will be seriously jeopardized if the virus spreads in Ghana.

As at Wednesday morning 68 cases were officially recorded, with 3 deaths. These figures, I believe, do not tell the entire story. We probably are dealing with a greater number of cases. The numbers keep rising and our president is still not telling us the truth.

Our best option is to focus on preventing the spread. So let’s intensify education on how our citizens can prevent infection. We must control movement which spreads it faster. Not much focus on testing. It is good to test those coming into GHANA. But don’t rely solely on testing.


But when we test those living in Ghana and it’s Negative, we give them hope and a false sense of security because they could immediately thereafter, contract the virus and spread it even more believing that they are still negative.

We are being told by government that we have recorded 68 cases and 3 deaths. But we believe that the data given out by government about infected people in Ghana is not accurate. Many of our people may already be infected and we really need to take this matter seriously.

Let’s assume that more than 15% percent of Ghanaians have the Virus, what do we do?

We will have a full blown crisis and Ghanaians are very worried about their families and loved ones. They are looking for the best leadership approach to help provide solutions and mechanisms to fight the corona Virus.

I, Dr. Hassan Ayariga, Leader and Founder of the All People’s Congress (APC) is calling on all members of the APC, every Ghanaian listening to me and those who believe in me and my leadership to go back home and stay calm and keep safe.


This problem is bigger than all of us, and we need to stay home and safe to save our people.

We cannot Wait until things get out of hands before the government calls for a lock down. Your lives and that of your families are your responsibility. So make that decision now. Lock down your homes and you will save a lot of lives. The virus will infect you if you move around. More movement, more infections, more deaths.

Less movement slows down the virus and allows our health workers more time and logistics to get ahead of the challenge.

Prevention is Better Than Cure, let’s prevent it from spreading by staying home. The virus will expose itself after 14 days. A lock down is another form of testing to know those who have the virus.

Let’s all be vigilant and know that if the virus gets out of hand:

> Hospitals wouldn’t be enough to contain all infected victims.
> Doctors wouldn’t be enough to care for covid19 patients.
> Nurses and health workers wouldn’t be enough to care for victims.
> Medication wouldn’t be enough to help heal infected victims.
> Vaccines wouldn’t be enough for victims.
> Work force wouldn’t be enough to help out.
> Infrastructure would be a big challenge.

Our resources for early detection are limited, food security is a huge problem. So Let’s all contribute money, resources, Human Resources and not wait for some $100m coming from Government. That money isn’t coming anytime soon!

A lockdown will require that people have enough food at home to sustain them. I therefore call on all those who have enough to share with their Lessprivilage Neighbors.

Today we need our Muslim brotherhood and Christians to start supporting people and close ones. The Holy Quran and the pillars of Islam mentioned Zakat. Our countrymen and women need that zakat now. Sharing is caring.

Government should take responsibility, and like other governments have done, support the lock down by rolling out some resources to support indigent families. It is government responsibility to avail resources to help citizens in the event of a lockdown but because we lack good leadership, we are unable to find money for this important issue bothering our health and life.

The Worrying fact is that government has $830 million for a needless voter’s register. The deputy Attorney-General was in court on Tuesday to appeal against a High Court injunction restraining the NIA from registering people until covid19 is under control.

As we speak, the EC is recruiting candidates for a possible compilation of a new voter’s register. All these cannot happen without the consent and approval of the president.

President Akufo Addo is more concerned about the next general election than the safety of Ghanaians. What kind of recklessness is this? It is this same recklessness that brought covid19 to our shores. Most of the recorded cases are imported. If we had closed our airport earlier as we have currently done, covid19 wouldn’t be in Ghana in the first place.

Same can be said of a lockdown. If we lockdown now the chances of corona virus spreading will be minimal. Something government is not considering. They will wait till the death toll becomes overwhelming before they lockdown. That is not good leadership.

The US government has Released $1 Trillion Emergency stimulus to pay each citizen $1,000.
The UK government has Released £330 Billion Business Loan Package.
Germany government has Released $600 billion stimulus.
Canadian government has Released $20 Billion Economic Relief Package. Suspends payment of Rents.
Italian government has Released $26 billion. They will pay the rent, pay baby sitters 600 euro.

Whiles we resort to GOD and prayers. let’s also support our people. MTN and other giants companies, including corporate bodies should support the course.

I am appealing to philanthropists, well meaning Ghanaians and the corporate world to help Ghana with logistics and financial aid to support our bid in managing the convid-19 pandemic that has bedeviled the entire world. No body can profit politically or otherwise from this pandemic. If all Ghanaians should lose their lives who shall vote for who to rule who.

Government should arrange accommodations and buses to help transport our people from all walks of life, including the Kayayos, streets hawkers, underprivileged and the needy to their various constituencies and homes.

Fellow Ghanaians, ladies and gentlemen lockdown will prevent the spread, prevention is better than cure and the best way to prevent COVID 19 is to LOCKDOWN. .

Stay home, observe basic health protocol of hand washing under running water, use hand sanitizers as much as you may need them, avoid touching your eyes with unclean hands, avoid handshakes and stay safe. Gargle salt water and drink hot lemon tea regularly.

May Allah protect and guard Us.

Thank you all.

Dr. Hassan Ayariga
Founder/Leader APC

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