Covid-19 cure; Madagascar made a mistake for telling the world source of medicine



It was terrible mistake on the part of the leadership of Madagascar for disclosing to the world that it was artemisia plant they used to produce the herbal Coronavirus cure.

At the moment, the relevance of the country has reduced owing to the reason that other African countries have commenced producing their own Coronavirus herbal products and many countries have started growing the herb.

Consequent to that, other European countries will also attempt to grow it if they discover that the plants can survive in the climate of Europe and America.

Madagascar could have generated so much money from the controversial herbal product being produced in the country if they had not revealed all the herbs they used to produce the coronavirus herbal product.

Though many people think that Madagascar have done well for revealing the herbs, the country is poor and would need all the money.


Also, not many countries producing the herbal medicine now are giving credit to Madagascar.

Although it is uncertain if Madagascar have patented, many people know that the country produced it first.

Madagascar many have not patented it because at a time that they would have done that, they were engrossed in the mesh of words with the World Health Organization who refused to endorse or approve the product.

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