Covid-19: Chinese city to test nine million people for coronavirus in five days

Report coming in has disclosed that the Chinese city of Qingdao is testing its entire population of nine million people for Covid-19 over a period of five days.

The mass testing was called to play after a dozen cases were found linked back to a hospital treating coronavirus patients arriving from overseas.

In the month of May, China tested the entire city of Wuhan – home to 11 million people and the epicenter of the global pandemic.

The country has been able to bring the virus under control.

That is in stark contrast to other parts of the world where there still exist high case numbers and lockdown restrictions of varying severity.

According to a statement posted to Chinese social media site Weibo, Qingdao’s Municipal Health Commission announced that six new cases and six asymptomatic cases had been discovered.

Per what Global Times indicated, all the cases were linked to the same hospital.

Source; BBC

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