covid-19; California reimposes corona restrictions…restaurants, bars, entertainment venues closed down



Authorities in California have reimposed restrictions on businesses and public spaces in the midst of  a spike of coronavirus infections in America’s most populous state.

On Monday, Governor Gavin Newsom declared an immediate standstill to all indoor events held  at restaurants, bars, entertainment venues, zoos and museums.

In the worst-affected counties of the south-western US state, churches, gyms and hairdressers will be facing the same fate.

At the moment, California has more than 330,000 Covid-19 cases including more than 7,000 deaths.

The calling back of the restrictions in the state with nearly 40 million people was triggered into motion by a 20% rise in people testing positive in the past two weeks.


According to a warning given by Democratic governor on Monday, “this virus is not going away anytime soon”.

“I hope all of us recognize that if we were still connected to some notion that somehow when it gets warm it’s going to go away or somehow it’s going to take summer months or weekends off – this virus has done neither.

“We are now effective today requiring all counties to close their indoor activities, their indoor operations in the following sectors: restaurants, wineries, tasting rooms, movie theatres, family entertainment centres, zoos and museums, card rooms and the shuttering of all bars.

“This is in every county in the state of California,” the governor indicated.

Source; BBC news

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