COVID-19, ‘Angel of God’ gives cure to a Ghanaian…”I saw it in a vision”




While great scientists across the globe are still in quandary regarding efforts at finding a cure for the deadly coronavirus,a businessman at Manso-Atwere in the Amansie west district of the Ashanti region claims he has a cure for dreadful disease.

Bismark Occran told that he received a vision two weeks ago regarding a medicine that can best cure COVID-19.

He has pleaded to government to take samples of the remedy for laboratory test.

Bismark announced that God has endowed him the know-how regarding the application of herbs to heal coronavirus patients.


“I am not spiritualist or a traditional Priest but one day as I was praying to God around 1pm midnight, an Angle of God appeared to me and showed me a medicine to prepare for the curing of COVID-19”, he said.

He claims that an angle called Napoleon in the vision told him to prepare the medicine with white Eggs,lemon and some herbs to cure the disease.

Based on the foregoing, Bismark Occran urged Ghanaians who have not catched the infection to eat eggs at least 5 times a day to defend them against the vurus.

By Antwi Bosiako


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