Covid-19 address; “You cannot intimidate a mother of twins…”




In his ritual Covid-19 address to the nation which ocassion happened yesterday, President Akufo-Addo, promised to build a plethora of hospitals across the country. This, he hopes to do with dispatch ahead of his remaining 6-month mandate whose renewal he has no control over.Quite astounding isnt it?

It would be tantamount to under estimating the point when one attempts to chronicle the myriad of relevance of these facilities especially among the rural folks who are enveloped in excruciating poverty with attendant deaths emanating from otherwise curable illnesses. However, subjecting Mr.Akufo-Addo’s unsolicited gesture in his 8th address to the nation to proper scrutiny can only lead to one logical conclusion; vote-inducements. You do not need a rocket science to understand the ulterior motives of the president, some few months into the next polls.

What is quite striking is that our President appears to be using Covid-19 as a veritable alibi to abuse his incumbency without recourse to common sense. Isnt it nauseating that this government has suddenly realised the relevance of hospitals and health infrastructure only six months to the 2020 Elections?

It is a sacrosanct fact that President John Dramani Mahama has an unparalleled/enviable record in general infrastructure and in the health sector in particular. He is on record to have added about 6000 hospital beds to the malnourished health facilities at the time. The University of Ghana hospital, the Afari Military hospital, the Ridge hospital and a host of others flooded across the country would find expression in this analogy.


While the then NPP opposition led by Mr.Akufo-Addo described most the aformentioned projects as a mirage or photoshop and for that matter refused to commission the completed ones when victory smiled at them in 2016, nature had had to expose their bad faith. Today, some of these health facilities have become the game-changing conduits as we wage a valiant war at the now pandemic. Some leaders are born visionary while others crave for same.

Under the Directive Principles of State Policy enshrined in the 1992 constitution, President Akufo-Addo, is enjoined to continue projects commenced by John Mahama. These projects are financed by the taxes of the Kayaye and many ordinary Ghanaians. What therefore, would motivate a president to conspicously abandone same for new ones when the exit door is almost yawning at him? Would it not be a savings to the tax payer for the uncompleted hospitals to be attended to? Would we not have these hospitals in real time rather than going through the wanton bureaucracy in starting fresh projects?

Wait oooo, why does the president think that these new projects if even done will be an automatic visa for a renewed mandate? Ghanaians are more analytical and would put these facilities on a barometre visavis those of John Mahama. Before it dawns on Mr.Akufo-Addo that one does not INTIMIDATE the mother of twins with his big “log,” the party is done and dusted.

*By Wuro Asmah Nyinfor, a native of Kue, Oti Region, 050-3510105*

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