COVID-19 Vaccine: “If You Don’t Have What To Preach, Stop Preaching And Making Sermon Out Of The Vaccine”- Duncan Williams

Revered Ghanaian Archbishop who is the founder of Action Chapel International Nicholas Duncan Williams has given strong advice to the general public to stop spreading conspiracies about the COVID-19 vaccine.

The famous Man of God also descended on pastors who were spreading fake news about the vaccine.

Though the Archbishop was not specific as to whom he was targeting in his message, excerpts of the chiding can be targeted at Pastor Chris who earlier held a sermon churning what he believed to be evil intentions behind the Coronavirus pandemic and its subsequent vaccine.

Great Teacher of the Christian Faith Pastor Chris is noted on record to have said that the vaccine is actually meant to wipe out the entire human race.

Delivering his Sermon, Archbishop Duncan Williams said:

“People are saying all kinds of conspiracy theories against the vaccine? If you don’t have what to preach stop preaching and making a whole sermon out of vaccines. We all take vaccines – from polio to measles – what is different about this vaccine that has got many talking.”, he strong said.

Source; Opera News

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