“Money And Love Are Not Requirements For Happy Marriage”- Counselor Tonny Yeboah

Counselor Tonny Yeboah, CEO of TONNY SHOWERS FOUNDATION has indicated that factors that contribute to a successful marriage should not be premised on money and love alone.

He remarked in an interview with that majority of people are experiencing hell in their marriage all because they dwelt on the above notion, explaining that marriage requires the combination of key ingredients to be successful.

He named them as God, love, money, communication, children and honesty.

Dr. Tony Yeboah gave a practical reference that just as the preparation of a delicious local jollof demands an utensil, oil, rice, money, salt among others, the same applies to a successful marriage.

“The ingredients and materials for a tasty jolof are similar in comparison to that of a good marriage.

The cooking utensil is symbolic of God in the relationship, fire symbolizing money and oil representing good sexual affair between the couple.

Also rice represents love , salt good communication and child bearing. “he indicated.

Per his assertion all put together equates a successful marriage.

He expressed that attempt to ignore one for the others will shipwreck a relationship.

“They all go together”, he admonished.

In his statement, he charged married men and women to comply with the above precautionary measures so as to experience a good marital relationship.


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