Coronavirus; Young Ghanaian discovers true herbal cure



A light of hope is gradually emerging at the end of the tunnel for Ghana and nations across the globe as a young Ghanaian aged 28 has given hint of a possible herbal cure for COVID-19 infection, which he acquired barely few days ago through a night vision.

Identified by the official name Nana Kwame A. Bawah, he informed in an exclusive dialogue that three days ago in a night vision, the spirit of God manifested and presented to him a finest herbal medication for persons infected by the deadly coronavirus.

A health worker wearing a protective gear walking into a quarantine room

Since COVID-19 assumed a pandemic dimension with its attendant death toll and confirmed cases running over 1 million, it has become an uphill task for renowned scientists and experts in the field of medicine to generate a drug or a vaccine that can kick out the virus from the body of patients.

Interestingly, in the absence of a known treatment for the virus, medics have fallen on a handful of experimental drugs that is believed to lessen the lethal effect of the virus in its host.


The terrain of scientific healing is currently characterized by a mad search for a specific treatment for coronavirus that delays the infection, treats the infection and hopefully makes people better.

The Ghanaian national however disclosed to the Editorial head of that his newly found medicine is divine in its origin and is hundred percent potent to cure patients.

“The therapy is not cumbersome. It is simply and purely a herbal syrup; a particular leaf in its powdered state, mixed with a specific citric fruit”, he disclosed.

Nana Kwame Bawah has therefore thrown a challenge to the Government of Ghana and nations across the country to offer him the platform to try his medicine on any coronavirus patient to prove to the world that God is the supreme healer.

By Enock Akonnor; Editor-in-chief



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