Coronavirus; “pick lessons from Ghana-Nigeria gov’t told



A Nigerian who has been quarantined in Ghana has asked the Nigerian government to pick lessons from Ghana government on how to manage the coronavirus outbreak.

He praised the Ghanaian government for the way and manner the matter is being handled in Ghana.

He said from his quarantine-based in somewhere Accra that right after his flight arrived in Ghana, authorities took him and all other passengers to a hotel and booked rooms costing about $500 for them.

President Akufo-Addo last Saturday announced the closure of all of its border entry points as a means of curbing the importation of coronavirus as Ghana’s cases rise to 24.

In a video, the Nigerian said: “I’m in Ghana, I just arrived today and as you can see, I’m in a hotel, an expensive hotel in that manner. I just checked the price it’s about $500 per night.
“That’s what the Ghana government did by putting every flight that came today in an expensive hotel for 14 days to check if any of them has coronavirus. They are only trying to protect their citizens.”


“Can you imagine our Nigeria, upon all the money we have we can’t even do this. Look at what I am trying to eat, that is the food they just brought to me. See the room they have provided for us, can Nigeria government do this? Never, they can’t do this. Can you imagine, Ghana government is making us comfortable, from the airport to here”.

Source: classfmonline.com

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