Commercial nuisance in Kumasi…Traders take over road and footbridge for business



The digital radar of has zoomed in on a number of traders who busily ply their business at unapproved areas within the central business district of the Kumasi Metropolis at the full glare of passersby and city authorities.

Two specific locations which are; a portion on the stretch of road right in front of the Kumasi Children’s hospital and the famous Adum foot bridge are gradually becoming a haven for commerce as traders on daily basis showcase their assorted products in an attempt to catch the attention of buyers.

A cozy scan which was carried out by this medium on Tuesday 21st April 2020 around 10:15 am and on Thursday 23rd April 2020 around 1:30pm on the stretch of road between the entrance of the Children hospital and the Kejetia terminal gave a shocking picture of a commercial activity which was in a full swing.


Few steps away from a zebra crossing marked opposite the entrance of the health facility lies a parade of merchants including dealers in mobile phone accessories, a mobile money salesperson, a kenkey seller, sellers of school bags, cloths, men’s wear, hats, electrical gadgets such as radio, extensions among others.

Further observation conducted revealed that their operation at the spot has somehow eclipsed the visibility of some portions of directional info on a sign post mounted by authorities in the area.

The base of the road sign was entirely crowded by these traders. Sadly, the errected board serves as a hanger for clothes sellers.

As to who authorized their operation in the area, is yet to find out.

On a more shocking note, a bird whispered into the ears of this reporter that some of these traders are ardent serial callers for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and are sometimes sighted on phones defending the party on radio.


Crossing over on 23rd April 2020 in the afternoon to observe the state of affairs at the famous 70-meter footbridge linking Adum and the central market, realized that the situation was not different.

Traders after the three weeks lockdown have resumed their operations and are gradually massing up on the elevated walkway which according to reports was built at the cost of GHs 2,229,189.00, purposely for pedestrians so as to encourage a free and safe movement.

The worse area was the base of the stairway of the bridge adjoining the stretch of road in front of Helllo Fm.

A swam of ladies dealing in second clothing during the time and day in question punctuated the entire area with their trade with no regard for law and order.

By Enock Akonnor; Editor-in-chief

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