COMI/MFCS Train Islamic Stakeholders For Implementation Of Prof. Lukuman Memorial Science and Mathematics Project



By Enock Akonnor,

Stakeholders of the Islamic faith have received training on domestic mobilization of resources from local donors for the implementation of the Professor Lukuman Memorial Science and Mathematics Project.

The project seeks to promote Mathematics and Science education in basic schools located within Muslim communities.

Other objectives include;


  • Equal access to educational materials and resources
  • Interest for Science and Maths subjects among basic school pupil
  • Development of potentials
  • Excellent performance of basic schools
  • Increase in enrolment of Zongo youth in college of Science and Mathematics in various universities
  • Development of Technical candidates of Asawasi Zongo Youth among others.

The capacity building workshop was held on Saturday 17th December 2022 and was organized by executives of Coalition of Muslim Institutions (COMI) and the Muslim Family Counselling Services in partnership with Star Ghana Foundation. 

At the training, participants were taken through the Giving for Change (GFC) initiative; a Star Ghana Foundation project funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and anchored on the recognition of the importance of domestic resources in increasing local ownership, unlocking agency and strengthening communities’ ability to claim entitilment from different actors especially government.

Premised upon what GFC entails, attendants were schooled on why they should mobilize resources locally instead of depending on external donors for support.

They were also informed on how domestic resource mobilization, philanthropy and community giving is needful for social change and development.

In his presentation, the facilitator threw light on what has called to play the rolling out of the Professor Lukuman Memorial Science and Mathematics Project.

He lamented over how a number Muslims are only interested in Arabic and Quran education, giving no regard for western education of which Science and Mathematics are inclusive.

The Coalition of Muslim Institutions (COMI) through the project wants to heighten the learning of the duo and address challenges faced by basic schools in Kumasi Zongo communities in terms of infrastructure and learning materials.

The Executive Director for COMI Chief Azumah Ndagu noted in an interview that the neglect of secular education has led to excessive failure of Muslim students in Science and Maths.

He said because of that government has not been able to give attention to schools within the Zongo communities.

According to him most Muslims tend to think that Islamic education is far better than western education.

Chief Azumah emphasized that though Islamic education is good, it doesn’t give one the benefits tapped from the other.

“We should combine both and give more attention to western education which is the pillar for societies in the world now.”


Briefing the media, Mohammed Bun Bida Programs Director for MFCS said the large chunk of funds for the running of the project will come from the Zongo communities.

Implementers are looking at assisting 15 basic schools for the start.

They will reach out to Mosques and Islamic institutions, inform them about the project and solicit resources to support the school.

Deprived schools will be supported with teaching and learning materials, scholarship for students, among others.

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