Combine cassava leaves and condensed milk to cure this illness



Iron is a vital element for blood production. Haemoglobin on the other side is also responsible for transferring oxygen in the blood from the lungs to the tissues.

However, an abnormal drop in haemoglobin levels in the blood leads to a medical condition referred to as Anemia.

An adult male becomes anaemic when the haemoglobin falls below 130g per litre of blood, below 140g in babies and below 120g in adult women.

In this article, we are discussing how to treat Anaemia with the use of cassava leaves and condensed milk. It works really perfectly without side effects.

Cassava leaves and milk


1. Get a few fresh cassava leaves ( 2 wrist of leaves).

2. Clean the leaves very well with salted water .

3. Crush the cassava leaves without adding water.

4. Mix the juice with condensed milk(small tin)

5. Drink the mixture

6. Make the mixture once a day.

Note well : The treatment shouldn’t exceed 3 days within one month.

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